InterPro homepage

The InterPro homepage can be split into in the following sections:

Homepage content

InterPro homepage

  1. InterPro resource overview

  2. Search box

  3. Data

  4. News and information

InterPro resource overview

This section (section 1 in the figure above) gives an overview of the InterPro resource and a link to the latest InterPro publication. The release version and date are displayed under the graphic, the user can click on it to access the Release notes.


The data section (section 3 in the figure above) gives an overview of InterPro data with shortcuts to different views of the data, and highlights the latest InterPro entries on the right hand side.

Member databases

Homepage member database component

This section shows icons for the InterPro consortium member databases, along with information about the version of the member database and an estimate of the number of signatures from that resource which are in the current InterPro release. Each of the member database icons links to the browse feature showing data filtered to match the selected member database.

Entry type component

Homepage entry type component

This section shows the icon and number of entries for each of the InterPro entry types Clicking on an icon will display the browse feature showing InterPro data filtered by the selected entry type.

This component shows icons for InterPro entry types. An estimate of the number of entries corresponding to each type is shown under each icon. Clicking on an icon will display the browse feature component showing InterPro data filtered by the selected entry type.

Species component

Homepage species component

The Species component shows a set of icons corresponding to several key species and an estimate of the number of entries and proteins associated with each species. Clicking on an icon will display the associated Taxonomy entry page for the selected organism. Clicking on the text below the icon will display the Entries or Proteins tabs, respectively.

Latest Entries component

Homepage latest entries component

Here we show a list of the latest InterPro entries with their entry type, followed by their name and accession number. The clickable icons beneath the text show the number of proteins, domain architectures, taxa, structures and member databases matching the entry. Each of the icons is clickable and provides a shortcut to the corresponding section of the InterPro entry page.

Favourites Entries component

Homepage favourite entries component

This section provides a quick access to the list of favourite InterPro entries previously selected by clicking on the star icon in an InterPro entry page.

When a new version of InterPro has been released and one or more the Favourite entries have been updated, a button “Check for updates” is displayed.

Check for updates button

When clicking on it, differences for each updated entry are displayed in a github diff style. The user can choose to apply the update or keep the previous annotation.

Favourite entries differences

Recent search component

Homepage recent search component

When performing a Text search, the text is stored locally and accessible through this section, so the user can retrieve the data of interest easily the next time they visit the website. Unwanted saved Text searches can be removed by clicking on the cross icon, The “Clear History” button allows to clear the search history.

News and information

The final section of the homepage (section 4 in the InterPro homepage figure above) comprises components linking to the InterPro X icon feed, the articles from the InterPro Blog and technical aspects of the website.

The Spotlight section shows a selection of the latest articles from the InterPro Blog. We publish a range of articles on the blog, from technical information about the resources run by the team to protein focus articles which deliver details about interesting entries from InterPro data.

The Tools and libraries section provides quick access to some of the tools and software used throughout the website.