InterProScan is the software package that allows sequences to be scanned against InterPro’s member database signatures.

Users who have novel nucleotide or protein sequences that they wish to functionally characterise can use InterProScan to run the scanning algorithms against the InterPro database in an integrated way.


For more information on downloading, installing and running InterProScan please see the InterProScan documentation.

Web services

Programmatic access to InterProScan is possible via a number of different web service protocols, that allow up to 100 sequences to be analysed per request.


We provide access to InterProScan via RESTful services.


We also provide access to InterProScan via SOAP-based web services.

Web based tools

Web access using the Sequence search box on the InterPro website, for the analysis of single protein sequences in FASTA format with a maximum length of 40,000 amino acids.

Source code

You can find, clone, and download the full InterProScan source code on the Github icon Github repository.

Previous releases

To ensure you have the latest data and software enhancements we always recommend you download the latest version of InterProScan. However all previous releases are archived on the FTP site.


The InterProScan software is distributed under the open source Apache License, as are the included scanning tools (except SignalP and TMHMM). Therefore, you do not need a special license for commercial use but please cite the resource and keep the Copyright statement with your installation.

Follow us & reporting bugs

If you want to get updates on InterProScan follow InterPro on X @InterProDB or LinkedIn.

If you want to submit a question or report a bug, please contact us, providing as much information as possible so that we can recreate the problem.